Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Women's 400 Final

Lane 6

After eargerly awaiting the lane assignments, they were announced on the usatf website. I was happy to see my name in lane 6. I would have two fast girls on the inside and two on the outside of me. I could not have asked for a better lane!

Throughout the days of being in Indianapolis, I had many tremendous supporters, my husband, my mom, and a host of family and friends! I felt as if this track was my home turf and I wanted to prove everyone who doubted me that I could place and go to the World Championships!!

Finals are always nerve wrecking but it takes someone who is mentally strong to attack and conquer what everyone else is attempting to do. Oh my.... was I nervous during warm up....all the runners pass each other and we simply give a nod here, or a quick smile there. There is definitely not much talking, let alone being around your competitors. Everyone has their go to war face on, and I knew that I was ready with mine.

I felt good during warm-up, I felt confident that the Lord would be by my side! Once it was time to go check in for the race, I ran the race over in my head...and prayed and let out a long sigh. Deep down inside I was ready......

The race was over in a new PR for me 50.24!!! I was able to shoot out of the blocks in the first 200 meters in the pace that I wanted to hit! I arrived at the 3rd 100 of the race and lagged behind unable to turn it up a notch like I wanted, but I stayed calm and knew that I would be fine. In the last 100 meters I was in fifth place and knew that I would have to dig deep in my heart and move up several spots. Again I told myself that I HAD TO MAKE THIS TEAM.....I mustered up and gave my all in the homestretch and moved into 3rd position, putting myself on the TEAM to JAPAN.
I crossed that line and clapped with joy because I did it....I had made it. I really wanted to cry but I was so shocked with joy that a big hearty smile took over. Osaka here I come...........

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Ms. G. Folkes said...

You go Mary!
I wish I had been in Indianapolis to see you run. I would have had enough tears of joy for you--as I have right now while I'm writing this. Track was my first love in sports. I was a sprinter in my younger days and always thought someone in my family would go to the olympics. I consider you family and will pray for your success to make the olympic team. However, I'm still hoping that my grandson (who also runs the 400) or his sister (who also likes to run) will one day be where you are. Keep trusting the Lord and believing in your dream.

Ms. Folkes